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My apologies for the situation EMCON (radio silence)...

I just realized it had been 5 whole months since I'd posted a blog. That's insane. Where did the time go? Shame on me for my neglectfulness. However, I don't write for a living. I have a day job and it has been exceedingly demanding of late. Don't fret. I'm still writing and I'm extremely efficient with what little writing time I've been afforded. I'm currently writing my final 13 chapters of The Fall of Hate. I've written ahead some so, I'm skipping backward in the 40s chapters to fill in the gaps. Not every book is written sequentially and even when I write sequentially (chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, etc), I'm still writing the story asynchronously. But, you can write an asynchronous story asynchronously and that's essentially what I'm doing. Don't try that technique unless you know your story like the back of your hand. You'll screw yourself pretty bad if you try it.

You could best describe Black Mirrors of the Soul as a character-driven backstory book that furthers the storylines forward in time as well. The Fall of Hate has a lot of backstory in it too, but it centers more around the backstory of the storyline, not necessarily of one specific character. You'll see the other half of critical threads illustrated in books 1 and 2, bringing the whole story into clearer focus. Yes, there's a lot revolving around Damon as you would expect, but a lot revolving around Elise Day, Illirian Starfire, Radin, Kellen The Destroyer, Goldenbow, Banthis, Talemar, Durial, and especially our beloved Mira.

This volume of this story has been (by far) the most challenging to write. I mean even though it took me over twenty years to write AKF, once I really started on it in April 2016, it was done by Oct 2016. The Fall of Hate is far more intricate, linked, bounded, and broad. It illustrates the whole of the mosaic for the first time and it's going to shatter some perceptions of what people thought this story is and is not. As radically unconventional as I have been already in books 1 and 2, I had developed some tendencies that I consciously have broken already in this book. So, expect the unexpected. I'm still a ways out from releasing this baby. I have to finish these last 13 chapters and then go through my standard routine of double and triple checking for even the smallest inconsistencies. Then, it will go out to the Editor, Proofreader, and Beta Readers for their feedback. That process takes a couple of months. But, the artwork is essentially done. I could publish with what artwork I have and it would be more complete (illustratively) than either of the first two books, but that doesn't mean I don't want to include one or two more internal illustrations if we can get them done in time.

I need to go and get some sleep. It's a very busy work week ahead of me, but I wanted to break the EMCON and say a few words. I'll try to do better about keeping the blog up to date, but no promises. Remember, this isn't my day job. ;)

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