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A Throne of Souls represents a revolutionary fusion of fiction and nonfiction.

How is A Throne of Souls a radical departure from classical anthology or epic fantasy literature?

A Throne of Souls treats time as nonlinear.  The story is told asynchronously and from the perspective of multiple characters sometimes even within the same scene.


How is A Throne of Souls both fiction and nonfiction?

Its primary nonfiction topic of Creation is narrated in an entertaining, fiction-like way with mostly fictional characters and events interwoven with both historical and current factual events bringing a concrete level of reality front and center as a key part of the storyline.


Reading this story, can, at times, feel surreal in its immersion into realism then stretching one's belief system into a shared co-creative consciousness of our quantum holographic reality.  It carries with it an ever-present epic sensation that will constantly remind the reader of a big-screen or screenplay adaptation effect.


Who is the primary audience for A Throne of Souls?

My editor described my audience as "really smart people who arefor the lack of a better wordcool." I would describe my audience as organically intellectually curious, truth-seekers.  By nature, they don't believe what is handed to them as fact.  They absorb what is told to them, by whatever source, as information (not fact—not yet).  Then, they perform their own due diligence and determine what is bullshit and what is real on their own.  If I just offended you in that last sentence, don't walk away, run away because I use real language and my characters are very realistic!  I feel like my audience is comprised of people who welcome refreshing points of view that challenge their existing belief system because they know their belief system (however it comes out on the other side) will be stronger than it was going in.  These people are my audience.  It might appear from this paragraph that I did not write this series for everyone and I would say there is truth to that thought.  I really wrote it for me because of an obsession of the mind.  I felt as if this story had claimed a large part of my consciousness and wouldn't release me until I had exercised it from my being by telling this story in the most passionate and intellectually entertaining way I know how.   I feel there is an audience, of whom I describe above, who maintain an intellectually curious mind and a benevolent spirit who would appreciate the passion with which A Throne of Souls is written.  I hold nothing back in A Throne of Souls.  I'm leaning into the story the entire way and many of the reviews have discussed this fact, including the very first one.  I think the passion with which it is written is a big reason why the story jumps off the page into a multi-dimensional framework, making it feel like a movie as you're reading it.


One other thing I would mention, while I come from a family of preachers, I am NOT trying to preach or influence my readership in any way shape or form.  I don't have all the answers and wouldn't dare to presume to preach to anyone.  I keep my faith out of this story so as not to contaminate the story.  My belief system is mine and I'm not going to use the vehicle of this story to share it with you.  However, you're going to find moments in the story that sound very religious, mythological, pagan, or scientific.  That is because I do not see these practices as mutually exclusive.  There are shades of truth to be gleaned from each of them.  A Throne of Souls will explore all of them,  and many more, in highly unconventional ways and at times it will appear as if they "clash."  This is by design and is intended to make you think about all the things you previously held "certain."


For those people who are squarely inside my audience, you won't find anything like this series ANYWHERE else. said, "There is absolutely nothing conventional about this book," talking about A Kingdom Forgotten (Book 1 of A Throne of Souls).  And, I would echo that statement in regards to the entire series.  If you want something fresh and radically different, that is really going to force you to think differently about the Universe and reality around you, then you won't get anything better than this that does so in a highly immersive and entertaining way.  Please enjoy it with all my best hopes and wishes...


What intellectual genres does A Throne of Souls cover?

  • Epic Fantasy

  • Science Fiction (hard)

  • Speculative Fiction

  • Romance

  • Military Fiction

  • Cerebral Thriller


More than that really, but those are the six primary intellectual genres this story covers.  If that troubles you, run, don't walk, away from this series.  When I use the term hard science fiction, I'm talking about hard science that is brought into the narrative.  If you didn't do well in Chemistry, Math, Physics, or Biology in college, don't fear this content.  I'm not going to take you back to college, but I'm going to boil things down in such a way as to make the content digestible by people who have a good mind for curiosity and figuring things out.  You won't earn a degree in Quantum Mechanics at the end of the series, but you will certainly know enough to have an intellectual conversation with just about anyone on that topic.


Would you say A Throne of Souls is more fantasy than sci-fi?

That totally depends on the book and the scene.  Each book is thematically trying to cover a particular world of Humanity.  For the first book (A Kingdom Forgotten), it was primarily covering Perion and Kaleion so it was mostly epic fantasy with sprinkles of hard science fiction.  For the third book (The Fall of Hate), it primarily covers Graelon, so it is mostly hard sci-fi with sprinkles of fantasy and romance.  If you need a series that stays in one genre, this is not the series for you.  If you need your content to have one, and only one, protagonist, this is not the content for you.  If you need your characters to be squarely fit inside a box that can be easily categorized as good or evil, I don't know what to tell you, but there's tens of thousands of other books out there that do that.  Mine does not.  My characters are high definition reality and they jump off the page at you so they will not conform to those good or evil paradigms.


How does A Throne of Souls capture a unique telling of the tale of Creation?

I have had many people ask me a question similar to this...  When I consider most stories that cover the topic of Creation as a central theme in their content, they are mostly religion-driven.  Some are more esoteric in nature—the mother cosmos and such.  This is not anything of that nature at all.  It is largely driven by the Universe as it is—not how we would like it to be to conform to classical laws of nature.  I might be making up scenes and characters and some events, but the behavior of the Universe—as described in this series—will not be 'made up.' I'm going to give it to you in the most unvarnished way I know possible and it's going to annihilate the belief system of most people who read it.  It's going to make you question EVERYTHING you thought you knew as 'certainty.' This series is not for the timid.  It is for the bold truth-seekers that are daring enough to ask the hard questions about what our reality is and is not—those brilliant people who want to be entertained by characters some two-and-a-half decades in the making and guided to profound questions that may challenge your belief system but make you stronger for it.  These are the people who need to read this series.  If you have ever pondered and considered that Creation must be more than what you were told in school or church, you were right!  Keep reading because my fictional tale is going to connect some very big and very real dots for you and I truly believe it will leave you astonished at the end...


The Eye of Time (a sentient AI character in A Throne of Souls)

Some other oddities about A Throne of Souls include:

A Series that is broken into parts, chapters, and has sprinkles of poetry throughout with undeclared dialogue tags.  In other words, I'll give you a section like the following and not tell you who said it to whom or why:


"I am the immutable truth,

The key of Creation,

The key of Unmaking,

The Destroyer,

The I Am,

And the Eternal. 

Know thee, and know thine Architect."


I could go on and on and on about all the things that make A Throne of Souls totally unique, but I don't have that kind of time and neither do you.  Just pick up A Kingdom Forgotten and within the first 100 pages, you'll see what I mean.  Within the preface of each book, I try to set the stage for some of these unique characteristics, but just to set the expectation, you'll see things like:

  • 360-degree perspective (even within the same scene) done as if it were a camera angle in a screenplay.  Why did I do this?  Well, I expect A Throne of Souls to be adapted to screenplay one day and this will make it a much easier task when that day comes.

  • Reserved words... Words like Hate, Hope, Humanity, Creation, Universe, etcetera are capitalized and/or usually emphasized depending on their usage.  Also, titles (Black Mirrors of the SoulThe Fall of Hate) are occasionally used throughout the story and you'll see their text handled accordingly.  These differences are done with intent.  It's not a mistake nor an editing error.  If that troubles you, move on.  Read something conventional.  This is anything but conventional! 


That concludes all my disclaimers for now.  If I didn't scare you off and you're still reading, pick up a copy of A Kingdom Forgotten and read it with an open mind, casting off the lens of your upbringing.  Let it take you where it needs to take you.  Allow it to plant the seeds of doubt to your known knowns, and allow it to encourage you to ask questions.  This is one of the purposes of the series with the other major purpose being to blow your mind while entertaining you all along the way.  And, at the end, I will deliver that "HOLY SHIT" moment for you.  Please enjoy it.

This book is designed to give you the blueprint of the series, but will be reread by many with lens anew once the entire series is finished to see that the clues were there all along. It's designed to give you the

A Kingdom Forgotten (Book 1 of A Throne of Souls)
A Kingdom Forgotten (Book 1 of A Throne of Souls)

framework for the radically new storytelling method found only in A Throne of Souls as well as to provide a theme of the 'what' and the 'when.'

Black Mirrors of the Soul (Book 2 of A Throne of Souls)
Black Mirrors of the Soul (Book 2 of A Throne of Souls)

This book is designed to give you (as a theme) the 'who' and the 'why,' but does so in the most beautifully told way taking you much deeper into both the backstory of Damon and the roots

of many of the storylines. This is where you start to see the level of complexity really making sense and you see the enormity of the mosaic I'm revealing before you a piece at a time.

The Fall of Hate (Book 3 of A Throne of Souls)
The Fall of Hate (Book 3 of A Throne of Souls)

Book 3 of 5 is now generally available. In this novel, I'll show you the enormity of the hard science elements in this storyline in addition to a ton of backstory and character development,  bringing

together many of the darkest threads of this engaging tale of Creation.  For the first time, the entirety of the mosaic of A Throne of Souls will be revealed in vivid details certain to shock. 

A Throne of Souls

What do you see in this image?


Is this story Christian or Pagan...?

How about neither...and both and so much more!


When you start reading A Throne of Souls, I'm going to start throwing a lot of concepts, ideas, terminology, and practices at you that might 'appear' familiar territory for you, but I can assure you that your need to pay attention to the potential for disinformation in those moments is higher than at any other. I love to use disinformation.


Knowing this, when you read this 'prophetic declaration' at the beginning of each novel, what is it that you really see when casting off the lens of your upbringing?


The World of Perion...

One of the five worlds of the Seeds of Humanity...

With a story spanning eons, I could have started with any of the Seeds of Humanity worlds, but I wanted to start in the middle of the story and work my way towards the edges in a nonlinear fashion so as to dole out the information (especially the backstory) in stages commensurate with the foreknowledge to afford the most compelling delivery for a story worthy of its own storytelling methodology.


Perion was seeded by one of the most powerful of the four brothers (Alexelio). This once-virgin world took on his vision and his image, developing into a largely agrarian society filled with magic, but over time and upon his death, Perion's view of magic became distorted from his original vision—to one of disdain for what this world calls 'lameans'—those who bend arcane to their will.


Lameans are largely tolerated—albeit with trepidation. Click here to learn more.

The World of Kaleion...

One of the five worlds of the Seeds of Humanity...

Kaleion is the homeworld of Damon, Kellen, Goldenbow, Illirian Starfire, Evanyil, and many other great and powerful characters in the story A Throne of Souls. Founded by the greatest of the four brothers (Durial), it seeded the universe with the most powerful mages known to Mankind.  With magnificent twin moons, temperate climates, and majestic vistas, it's often thought to be the most beautiful and elegant of all the Seeds of Humanity.


Kaleion provides the backdrop for birth Damon's quest into the Monuments of Creation—the first of many puzzles in the great mosaic landscape that is A Throne of Souls.  Kaleion's major feature is the Trident—a great mountain range running largely north and south along the main continent. The Trident is often a landmark for many compelling events that transpire, especially in Black Mirrors of the Soul.


Click here to learn more.

The World of Eden...

NOT one of the five worlds of the Seeds of Humanity, Eden is the site of refuge created by Damon to withstand and survive the execution of his Master Plan.

You see Eden under development in both A Kingdom Forgotten and especially in Black Mirrors of the Soul, but in The Fall of Hate (Book 3 of A Throne of Souls) you begin to see its real purpose for the future as well as its backstory with the indigenous life that once called it home.


Built with a mixture of the latest technologies afforded by both Humans and aliens alike, Eden offers a staggering level advancements in medicine, biology, science, technology, engineering, and math.


I'll give you two critical hints. Pay attention to the making of Durial's Eye and of the use of magic in combination with technology. These concepts are crucial to the understanding of several of the storylines in A Throne of Souls.


Click here to learn more.

The World of Graelon...

One of the five worlds of the Seeds of Humanity...

Settled by Pierio, Graelon is the homeworld of Elise Day, Leah, and many other great and powerful characters in the story A Throne of Souls. Founded with the specific intent to test the boundaries of the marriage between technology and magic, Graelon and its Colonial outposts were designed by Perio to find the answers most necessary to unmake the agenda of the Eye of Time by finding its weaknesses.  The great unmaking owes its roots to the work done here and those who paid for that work with their lives.


Click here to learn more.