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We are working with a local DFW, TX apparel outfitter to print on demand apparel for A Throne of Souls enthusiasts.  We're going to start with T-shirts for now and work up to other items.   All of these products will be quality made and approved by the author, so you know they're going to be great!  Check back occasionally for when and where to buy.  I'll post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when they're available.  Right now we're just selecting the right products to start with, and establishing design criteria.  I should know more soon.


Here's an update on the T-shirt front.  This is an example of the first T-shirt we're working on getting into production.  However, there will be slight changes coming soon that will improve the look and feel of the first production version even more, as well as making it a little more affordable though sill available print on demand.  Obviously, one-off shirts like this are far too expensive for re-sale, so we've gotta get the cost down to a reasonable level.  Stay tuned.  We're working on it.  I ended up getting a little desk debris on the shirt that showed up in the photos so ignore that.  Obviously, fulfillment will be cleaner than that.



Below specimen/prototype, and I have to tell you that it looks great in person.  So, when I say we're working on an improved version of this for production, I mean an improvement on top of amazing!

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