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About Charles W. McDonald Jr.

The Author of A Throne of Souls

For those of you who want to know more about me than a couple of paragraphs on the Biography and Contact page, this is for you...  I grew up in Oklahoma in a family of five preachers.  Yes, you heard me correctly, FIVE preachers.  So, if you're reading my content and saying to yourself, 'man that sounds like scripture or has a Christian ring to it,' now you know why.  However, I can assure you, with a thousand-percent certainty, this is NO CHRISTIAN story.  If you're reading it because you think it IS Christian, boy are you going to be disappointed.  Neither is this an Atheist story, nor Pagan, nor Occult.  I'm going to leave my religion and my beliefs out of this story.  I'm just going to keep writing the most compelling and entertaining story I know how and keep my personal beliefs out of it.  Be sure and read the disclaimer on the Impressum page at the front of each book and notice how carefully I worded that.  This whole Christian vs Pagan vs Occult thing has a lot to do with why that is worded so carefully.


A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, I turned down opportunities to go to the Air Force Academy and Princeton.  During my time at OU in the 90's is when I discovered The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and it literally changed my life.  From that moment forward, I've thought of little else but telling the story you're likely reading right now.  Sure, there were long stretches of time where I didn't work on the story at all, but I can assure you I was always thinking about it.  I was always developing the story and characters in my mind.  And, don't think that A Throne of Souls is going to read or feel like The Wheel of Time.  It will not!  About the only thing in common A Throne of Souls has with The Wheel of Time is the fact that there is iconography at the beginning of each chapter.  Other than that, A Throne of Souls is about as unique as you can get.

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