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Glossary of Characters


This is a 5+1-world story and as such has a plethora of characters.  This glossary is my attempt to help you keep them all straight.  Within this glossary, I’ll show you a glimpse of the character development behind them.  For example, I possess some seventy pages describing Damon of Basrat, but here you’ll see a robust paragraph.


Aaramus – A lich of profound power, wealth, knowledge, and agenda.  A Tier A character central to all things.  Founder of The Halls of Aaramus and creator of new planes of existence that operate outside the limitations of spacetime and linear time.  Allegiances unknown.

President Abel – A Tier B character and elected President of Eden’s government.  Has a rather extensive history with Damon and understands him better than most.  He knows Damon’s history—at least as Damon has shared it with him—and is someone Damon would call a friend and ally.  Whether Damon has befriended Abel because of the name and his likeness to the friend he accidentally killed so long ago is unknown, but it wasn’t lost on Damon when Abel ran for and then won the Presidency without his aid.  Now, they work together as best they can with compartmentalized sharing of information more than occasionally getting in their way.


Pern – Left Bouschè years ago for places and purposes unknown to his brother (Gareth).  A Tier B character who finds himself in the middle of a maelstrom, raising the hidden grandson of Damon the Banished.

Gareth – A Tier B character whose purpose alludes him, but his belief in his grandfather’s words and deeds carries the day for him, and it is in the simplicity of his guiding principles that he hopes to find the hour of his brother’s greatest need and then the hour of his own.

Luke – A Tier B character and a beautiful soul carried away by the archangel Raphael.  His role was to teach and prepare both Pern and Gareth and to hold true the most important truths: that Humanity is not the work of the random and that both science and history will prove that so.

Banthis – Once a modest succubus of unlimited ambition and intellect and now heir-apparent to the Dragon of Darkness.  The holder of the oldest and original Throne of Souls with powers only rivaled by the Dragon of Darkness and Lilith.  Current wife to Damon of Basrat.  A Tier A character whose master-level manipulation is central to many parts of the storylines.  The key thing to understand about Banthis is how greatly she has suffered and the lengths to which she would go to unleash and redirect that suffering upon others.  The only thing or person she could ever claim she truly loved (via her own warped view of love) is Damon and, because of her love for Damon, their daughters.

Brigance Fireheart – A Tier A character of no real power save the one he makes through his sheer will.  A brute of a man both broad and tall—more akin to a bear than a man in stature, Brigance is a pragmatic general of generals.  Ever more scrutinizing of both Radin and especially Damon, Brigance only affords the light of realism to shine and show the way for him and his men as the Banner of Hope hangs on but a thread.

Chara – Both vampire and mage, Chara was one of the most powerful and lethal forces of Kaleion until obliterated by Damon of Basrat.  Her seed and bloodline extend across multiple worlds and is considered to be the source of bloodlust across both Terran and Perion.  She is the seed and fire of Damon’s hate though not the root cause.

Daedrin – Brother of Seren.  Stripped Keirill of all his great powers.  Allegiances unknown.

Dallia – A Tier A character of more consequence than any might understand, Dallia—The Enchantress of Winds—is the first wife and first love of Damon.  His unconditional adoration of her broke his then-healing soul irreparably so.  In a very short time, she wove her existence and her presence into every fiber of Damon’s being.  Whether a selfless act or a selfish one, she knew her time short and her love for him immortal.  Her magic still lives and works itself upon Damon each and every day he draws breath.  Her light and her promise are the most beautiful of all characters in the story, and her time is not yet done.

Damon of Basrat – Only child of the famed Keirill and Seren.  Grandchild to Emry and Ersila, as well as Grant and Sala.  Great-grandchild of Durial and Fara.  Once known as Kaylan until the age of thirteen when he murdered his father.  Also goes by the titles: Dark Knight of Magic, Wielder of the Staff of the Invoker, Author of Damnation, Maker and Destroyer of Worlds, and Damon the Banished.  Likely the most central Tier A character in the story.  A profound and prolific womanizer, who has a monstrous past and has killed more than can be counted.  He has an ethical compass that rarely allows him to lie and a heart tormented by being abandoned to the hate of his father as a child.  For much of Damon’s life, he has been wronged by others, and now he seeks to unmake his greatest mistakes afforded by his blind ambition of avenging the death of his first wife and most precious gift of love: Dallia.

Elise Day – Tier A character born Farelise Camden on Graelon—mage registration number: 07874376Alpha221321.  Elise has been manipulated and led to the point she finds herself by the Dark Knight of Magic for purposes she’s only now beginning to understand.  She knows she wasn’t recruited for her powers, which are significant, yet nothing compared to those of Damon.  Her assumption is Damon needed a fully registered mage to help execute some part of his Master Plan, but every time she solidifies the justification of her doubt of Damon, he puts forth actions that bring her squarely back into his fold.  She considers Damon a complete enigma and keeps him at arm’s distance, expecting the day will come when she will be forced to pick sides—permanently so.

Evanyil – A dark/cave elf that is supremely capable at thievery, death, and deceit.  This darkest of all pure dark elves, Evanyil is the personification of self-sustaining, self-interest.  Her ever-present poisoned dagger about her right hip is one of her few constants in life, else she is as chaotic as the quantum particles Mira studies in college.  Her compass is always and forever pointed in her own best interest, yet how she gets there is anything but a straight line.  Straddling the fine line betwixt genius and insanity, Evanyil is just lucid enough to bring brilliant unconventional thinking to Damon’s structure—making their partnership uniquely dangerous for any of their most unfortunate targets.  At their peak, they pulled off some of the most legendary and atrocious acts in the history of Kaleion.  Their adventures are the source of many biographical texts on Kaleion.  Evanyil and Damon share a rich, passionate, and lethal history with one another and with Evanyil’s sister, Lorianus.  A living god now, Evanyil’s ask of Damon some years back in the current continuum is the source of Damon’s Master Plan and his need to grow his powers. 

The Four Brothers:

Durial – Settled Kaleion with Fara.  The leader of the Four Brothers.  Maker and Wielder of The Starlight of Immortality, Father of Dragons, The Great Life-Bringer, and The Wellspring of Humanity.

Pierio – Settled Graelon with Ceres.  The technologist and scientist of the Four Brothers, Pierio sought to recreate the conditions of Setinon where magic and technology collided, experimenting with how best to integrate and isolate the two where applicable.  His foremost desire was to understand what conditions led Setinon down its path to create a more durable path for Graelon and Humanity as a whole, as well as to afford them the best opportunities to defeat the Eye.

Alexelio – Settled Perion with Elsa.  Only second to Durial in his powers, Alexelio was the artist, the sculptor, and the creator of the Four Brothers.  His bloodline created great and sweeping architectural elements inspired of wind, ocean, and starlight.  He sought to keep magic, in its most powerful forms, alive at all costs—even if it meant the loss of the knowledge of science and technology.  Is considered the most likely candidate for the architect of The World Below and Between.

Adamian – Settled Terran (Earth).

Goldenbow – Lineage unknown.  Origin unknown.  Kindred brother to Damon and long-time associate to Kellen the Destroyer.  Tier A character whose compass and kinship closely aligns with Damon of Basrat.  Professional assassin and living legend on Kaleion, Goldenbow holds a special and central place in the story, which—in time—will be revealed.  He is often the source of special counsel to Damon and is Damon’s most-trusted ally in all things.

Iain Longbow – A Tier B character and a legendary archer on Perion and companion to Rowarc.

Illirian Starfire – Only child of Jorah & Hannah, grandchild of Grant and Sala, and great-grandchild of Durial and Fara.  Born the daughter of a mariner, she often uses maritime idioms and analogies, even when not entirely appropriate. Illirian and Damon’s history goes back a millennia or more as her affinity for Damon became far more than that over the centuries.  Illirian holds many titles: ‘Ruler of the Rod of the Nine,’ ‘Watcher of the Runes of Fate,’ ‘Guardian of Durial’s Eye.’  The Starlight of Immortality is synonymous with Durial’s Eye (the original version used by the Great Durial himself), but also affords its master unlimited lifespan without the need for magic.  Damon and Illirian’s relationship is the definition of the word, ‘complicated.’  How they sort through that relationship is fundamental to the unmaking of A Throne of Souls.  From none-too-far a distance, she both meddles and guides Damon’s actions by manipulating and controlling his psyche.  Some would say she keeps it on the frayed edges of sanity to keep Damon cold, calculated, and ruthless.  Illirian’s seal is that of a pale-pink rose with white leaves on a tan circular clay-cast circle.  Illirian Starfire also sits on what used to be called Kaleion’s Council of Mages.

Joran of Erden – A Tier B character and Royvan Miral’s counterpart on Kaleion.  A legend in his own right, he has a great, in-depth knowledge of both ancient and modern languages, history, lore, and relics.  His power and influences come from his travels and the unearthing of secrets most profound affecting every major seat of power on Kaleion.

Keirill – One of the greatest and most powerful of all mages in history—second only to the Great Durial—Keirill tested the boundaries of what was safe and authorized to risk becoming the greatest of all.  His heart was relatively pure and his compass modestly true until his greed and lust for power led him to a path of hate that would result in his hating of his own existence more than anything else.  A Tier A character, Keirill’s infection of the Instrument of Humanity’s Hate both drives and vexes Damon into being.  Kaylan may have been his physical progeny, but Damon was his most significant achievement for Man or Man’s undoing—depending on your perspective.

Kellen the Destroyer – Child of Hersila and Herot, grandchild of Castlier and Freya, great grandchild of Durial and Fara, Kellen is a bane to all things female.  There is no more foul misogynist that Kellen the Destroyer.  His legendary hatred of women the only forerunner to his infamy.  His actions are not entirely self-serving—at least not on the surface—and his agenda is entirely veiled in mystery.  If past is prologue, it won’t be good.  Like Damon, or because of Damon, he pays his debts and holds his word high in merit.  Unlike Damon, he’s incapable of seeing women as anything other than something to be used—usually as little more than his personal sex slaves.  He has a tense but working relationship with Illirian Starfire only because of Damon’s intermediary status between them.  Before Damon they found themselves in combat with one another on more than one occasion but have dialed back the hostilities toward one another to see where the Master Plan is going and where they will fall on the other side of it.  They may very well need each other, and Damon may very well need them both to work together for the unmaking of A Throne of Souls to succeed.  Kellen also sits on what was formerly called, Kaleion’s Council of Mages.  A Tier A character, Kellen is one of Damon’s oldest friends and allies, but the circle of his trust with Damon has found its limits on a few occasions.  He is only afforded what information Damon must provide for him to serve his function within Damon’s Master Plan and that level of trust/distrust extends in both directions as Kellen has a great secret of his own that greatly impacts Damon and the central storylines.  Kellen the Destroyer holds many titles and monikers, ‘The Hate of Mankind,’ ‘The Midnight Morning,’ and ‘The Flame of Hate.’

Lis – The Genesis input of A Throne of Souls, though the Genesis motive stems from Dallia’s death.  The theft and unjust condemnation of this beautiful soul forever altered the balance of power and became the first stone cast into the pond of Creation that would present and precipitate its unmaking.


Ethan – A Tier B character murdered in the first great battle for Man, Ethan’s contributions to that war have yet to be fulfilled.

Lynn – A Tier B character, wife to the murdered Ethan Marshall, and now love of Talemar, Lynn has advanced and grown but has stumbled along the way in her love of a baby not her own.  Now the balance of her life belongs to that baby boy.  Her hopes and dreams now become his.

Michael Anthony Day – Tier A character and the first love of Elise.  Michael is central to many—if not all—threads of the storyline.  A great many characters in A Throne of Souls fall into categories that are very fluid between the spectrum of good and evil.  Many characters in this story are quite far from either end of that spectrum, but Michael Anthony Day is an exception.  He is the most extreme example of pure goodness available in this story.  He is not without flaw and certainly not without internal conflict, but his compass is the most true (morally speaking) of any character in this story.  There is no moral ambiguity in the character of his soul—whatsoever.

Mira Castille – Daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Castille.  Dean’s list sophomore physicist at the University of Texas at Austin.  Intimately close to Damon of Basrat.  Mira is a foul-mouthed, mouthy preacher’s daughter of a Christian parentage, naughty by nature and rebellious by necessity of survival.  Her far-reaching understanding of nature described through mathematics and the laws of physics are her most trusted guide to the new realities exposed to her through Damon and his Master Plan.

Mira (Original) – Long ago, after Dallia’s death, he went through many loves and lovers, but the original Mira was special.  She held the same passion and mage talents as Damon—though not holding all of his natural talents.  She specialized in the same types of magic as Damon and was nearly his equal in all things and intellect.  She was murdered shortly after her visit to the Graelon Colonial Outpost as were many of Damon’s loves whose orbit was too close for their own survival.  Damon and this Mira never married, but they were as close as a couple could be, and her loss took Damon centuries to get over.

Mora – A significantly powerful mage and member of the former Kaleion Council of Mages, this Tier B character held ties with Eldrac, though not by choice.  More of a trophy to Eldrac, she once ran in circles close to Damon and now (via Talemar’s great magic) finds herself in ever tighter circles with Radin.  Mora longs to chart a path for herself of her own making, but fate may have other plans for her—as may The Eye of Time.

Quincy Arthur Billings – Once the head of Whitehall and formerly the superior of Michael Anthony Day, Billings was asked by Michael to be his Senior Advisor when elevated to the throne.  Since that time and Michael’s death, Billings has looked after his children as Elise went in search of Michael’s soul.

Quinn – A Tier B character and companion of Iain Longbow and Rowarc.  A generic mage of modest-but-growing abilities and a good heart.

Radin d’Aguillon – Biological child of Damon of Basrat and Vosh.  Raised by Rowarc (famed retired ranger) and Arella d’Aguillon. A Tier A character central to many threads of the storylines.  Has rapidly developing powers and immeasurable potential with morals deeply conflicted by personal experiences and his proximity to Damon.  The threads connecting him to his past with Rowarc fade on almost an hourly basis as he grows under Damon’s wing but are more persistent than even he understands.

Rena Rectovich – A Tier A character, born Carastovich Catarena Rectovich, she is one of a very select few surviving witnesses (other than Damon) to Dallia’s death.  She heads a massive corporate empire amassed over a thousand years of experience and investments.  She has extensive reach—politically, influentially, and otherwise—into every major government on Earth and maintains an Immortal Army that can now operate in daylight thanks to gene therapy of the genetic code belonging to three young babes (the Blade daughters).  Catarena’s agenda and Damon’s may overlap at times and may conflict at others, but she has long sought out the man she saw robbed a life she thought might make him a totally different person than the man he is today.

Rena’s Immortal Army:

Michelle Alexandra Blade – A Tier A character born in Denver, CO to Chase and Marie Blade, Michelle began a successful investigative firm that partnered closely with state and federal government officials.  Discovered by and finding herself in reach of Rena’s radar, Michelle was offered the opportunity to have something she’d only dreamed of before—but at an immortal price.  Michelle’s motives and drivers are relatively simple.  She loves and adores her daughters, and that drives nearly all of her decisions.  She has a healthy distrust for Rena and an even more robust distrust of Damon, but her gut and palpable instincts connect her to both and tells her to hold fast.

Lawna Blade – A Tier B character and wife to Michelle, Lawna’s mistrust of Rena is almost legendary.  Like Michelle, her driving force is the daughters their share, but her love for Michelle is paramount and affords with it a lethal amount of jealousy.  As far as capabilities go, Lawna is likely one of the most dangerous characters in the story.

Ryker – The only child of Elise and Radin, hidden from existence for sake of his own survival.

Ron Stencowsky – Tier B character, former M1A2 Abrams tank personnel, and now master builder and security director on Eden.  Runs in circles close to Damon and is extremely limited in his trust of Damon.

Rowarc d’Aguillon – A Tier B character, he raised Radin from a baby, but was and is still conflicted over his absence in Radin’s life and his absence of his wife—Arella d’Aguillon.  Rowarc carries a great burden of guilt extending from his wife’s death and what he now knows to be the death of his biological child lost some twenty years past.

Royvan Miral – Tier A character, legendary adventurer on Perion, and crucial to the Seals thread of the storylines.  Many biographical novels have been written of his adventures and his findings.  He has a mind for academia, languages, and cultures.  He considers himself agnostic but cannot ignore what he has seen and experienced.  He’s trying—greatly so—to keep an open mind in operating this close to Radin and Damon, but his reservations of Damon’s Master Plan run deep.

Royvan Miral’s Crew:

Kerrich – Tier B character who grew up with Radin—a man he no longer recognizes due to his close proximity to Damon and Damon’s agenda.  Kerrich doesn’t make pretense of an agenda that he doesn’t understand, but in Royvan Miral, he found a man he believes he can trust and has ascribed himself to protégé to Royvan Miral as best he can.  The End is upon them regardless, and the only way through this is through it.  That much he agrees upon, but how we most safely get from here to the other side is a matter of the most urgent and delicate judgment and that’s where his mistrust of Damon leads him to defer to Royvan Miral—for now.

Levi – Tier B character and member of Royvan Miral’s crew.  Generally considered Royvan Miral’s right-hand man and trusted advisor.

Ham – Tier B character and member of Royvan Miral’s crew.  A good and hearty soul, more in tune with the big picture than most afford him credit. 

Seren – A beautiful soul compromised by hate’s reach into her own life and the life of her progeny.  A Tier A character whose role in this story changed everything.  If not for her, there would be no Unmaking.


Wraith – A Tier A mage of somewhat compromised values and mysterious background wed to his fraternal twin sister.  Like many characters in the story, Wraith is neither good nor evil and wouldn’t even fit solidly anywhere on that spectrum.  His behaviors are more fluidly fitting to the dynamics of the situations before him.  He’s very much an agenda-driven character, but his agenda is shut to all but his sister and wife.  As shut as Wraith is to the outside world, Silura is even more so and holds secrets even from her husband—sometimes especially so.  Both Silura and Wraith have silver locks of hair on opposing sides.

Silura – A Tier A very promiscuous character that also happens to be a mage and wife to her fraternal twin brother.  Even more complicated than her twin brother and husband, Silura shrouds herself in mystery and frivolity masking intentions known only to her.  With all the tact of a machine gun, Silura’s brutal honesty generally hits others with a good measure of off-putting nature.

The Chairman – The right hand of God the Creator.  From time immemorial, it was the Prince of Egypt until his immortal shell was slain, in combat, by Damon of Basrat.  Now held by Illirian Starfire.

The Six:

Anna – One of the Six.  A Tier B character converted by Lawna Blade into an immortal creature, Anna’s history is one of a lust for both power and flesh, but her driving force now is the revenge of her affliction and it threatens to compromise her task that affords her newfound existence.  As one of the Six, she has been given a mission that is expected to be carried out and she knows herself not indispensable in that role.

Asmodeus – Prince of the Abyss.  One of the Six.  Will be annotated later.

Castlin – One of the Six.  A Tier B character, careful and methodical and not entirely on-board or married to the role to which he was assigned.  He has a long history with both Talemar and Eldrac and with Damon by reputation.  His allegiances are his own, but which side he falls on may change the balance of power just enough.

Eldrac – One of the Six.  Murdered by Damon the Banished.

Lilith – The Great Princess of the Abyss.  One of the Six.  A Tier A character, Lilith is known for an appearance so perfect and so abhorrent as to make those who look upon her physically ill.  With a serpentine tail and flesh that is acidic to all living things, Lilith is a being most vile and with a contempt for Man only surpassed by her need to keep the status quo.

Xarn – One of the Six.  A Tier B character, Xarn’s lust for sex (with both men and women) is as legendary as her frivolity and volatility.  She is quite mad and dangerously powerful with a unique gift for working massive-scale objects that will become apparent in later parts of the story.  Her role is one pivotal in relation to the Monuments of Creation.

The Great Talemar – Once married with family stranded and left behind to a fate unknown and only barely chronicled by books half-buried by fiction, quarter-buried by time, Talemar is seeking new meaning to his life in a timeline not his own as he tries to leverage the best parts of his past to make better decisions in the future and tries to use the worst parts of his past as fuel to destroy those standing in his path.  He knows himself the One yet is mystified by how Radin can wear his crown.  He secretly seeks the answers to this question, but for now Radin has proven both powerful and useful and he’ll continue to leverage that situation for as long as need be—to buy time—as well as to understand Damon’s role and Damon’s Master Plan.  Talemar has a great deal on his plate as he does all these things, while holding together Humanity on Perion, knowing that role will soon expand as the scrolls expound their reach throughout all the Seeds of Humanity.  The time for his greatness may have to wait, but it is coming.

Terry Goodwin – A Tier B character and leader of Michael Anthony Day’s SRR unit on Earth.

Toblain – A Tier B character and living gold dragon.

Voltor – Once a lesser demon, Voltor ascended to great power when allying with Eldrac (and others) who afforded Voltor souls he wouldn’t have otherwise held claim over.  Voltor’s Throne of Souls was obliterated when his immortal shell was destroyed by Damon of Basrat.  Voltor is most known for his capture and torment of Radin.


Adena – A Tier A character, Adena is the Mother and High Seat of witches for over a thousand years.  Adena ruled with the antithesis of her seemingly fragile and delicate frame.  Feared by all who knew her, Adena is a formidable foe who demands utter loyalty, and one not to be taken lightly.

Desindra – A Tier B character, Desindra is a legitimate threat to Adena, Desindra’s burgeoning guile finds new life in the most unlikely of sources and newfound friendships.

Silvaran – Character definitions forthcoming.  As the witch thread becomes more integral in the story, you’ll see many more of these characters and their development become front-and-center.

Minna – Character definitions forthcoming. As the witch thread becomes more integral in the story, you’ll see many more of these characters and their development become front-and-center.

Sabine – Character definitions forthcoming. As the witch thread becomes more integral in the story, you’ll see many more of these characters and their development become front and center.

Xaldran – A Tier B character and living legend of a mage on Perion though his true origins and fate were and still are unknown.  Author to a great Tome of Power that articulates the history of Humanity as well as hinting to its fate, Xaldran’s true purpose has yet to be fulfilled, but may yet come by that which (and who) have survived him.

Ykstherin – A Tier A character, counsel to both Radin and Talemar, whose history and future is veiled in mystery.  This character hints at greatness yet yields the limelight for it is fleeting and he is not.  Precisely who and what Ykstherin is will become known in time.  Don’t underestimate this character and his potential in the story.

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