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As of 10/28/2020, The Rise of Hope is in the final stages (roughly 6-8 weeks out) before publication.  It's currently going through final proofreading and cover creation phases and I've already got the product pages staged and ready to launch.  I'm also preparing some marketing launch campaigns and preparing to send it off for book reviews to get some wider feedback and circulation. 

The final installment of A Throne of Souls (The Veil of White) has already been started and I know exactly where the major milestones of that book need to be.  There's no writer's block to worry about.  No, 'can he finish it' doubts that should ever enter your thoughts...  I'm definitely, absolutely, going to drive this all the way across the finish line and I see no reason why it would take me anywhere near as long as it took me to write The Rise of Hope (2.7 years).  I think I can get The Veil of White done in less than 2 years total writing time, starting that clock from the publication of The Rise of Hope.  That's significantly later than I wanted to deliver it, but as I've said many times before, if this was my only job, I'd publish a full-length novel every six months.  Unfortunately, at this point, that isn't the case and I have to work another full-time job to pay the bills.  Someday soon my royalties will be big enough to pay the bills, but that isn't today...

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