Currently, A Throne of Souls is getting traction to the degree of somewhere between 1,500  - 3,000 hits/week.  I've been astonished to see 1,000-hit days.  I never expected that.  Granted, that hasn't had a high ratio of downloads or readers and that I had expected.  This series isn't for everyone.  I wrote it for intellectual truth-seekers like me.  I wrote it for people tired of the same old content being delivered by publishers.  Not that single-genre content isn't great.  I'm not knocking it.  I'm just saying that I needed something different, something more intellectually stimulating, and I felt like I couldn't be the only one.


As of 10/29/18, I just wanted to provide an update... Yes, I am definitely writing books 4 and 5 that will conclude this series in finality.  However, I want to be totally transparent too.  I'm a very, very busy man and the amount of research required to write The Rise of Hope alone is going to require about as much effort, if not more, than writing the book itself.  I have never tackled a novel that required anywhere near as much research as the content in The Rise of Hope


If you thought my other novels were technically challenging, wait until you see this one!  I've used the phrase "beautifully technical" to describe The Rise of Hope.  What I mean by that is that I am attempting to stitch together not only the other fine-grain elements of the storyline(s), but I'm trying to help you connect the dots to see the majesty of Creation in both its symmetry and its asymmetry.  The ending of the series is the least of my concerns.  That part is easy because it makes complete sense to me and it "should" make complete sense to you while being simultaneously unexpected on several levels.  The Rise of Hope is far more challenging to me than The Veil of White because The Rise of Hope is mainly about Earth.  Why should writing about a world we know so much about be so challenging?  It is precisely because we know so much (or think we know so much) about Earth that makes it such a challenge.  I'm picking and choosing my battles as to what controversial and unconventional material to expose the reader to while connecting the dots and stitching together the storyline(s) and dovetailing the timeline(s) between the last two books and the previous three.  The Rise of Hope and the content it's covering could easily be three to five major novels, but I'm trying to keep it to my usual <200K words.  Distilling all of this content and closing out this story is the biggest challenge of my life, and I'll never attempt anything like this again!  I just wanted to let you know I made a promise to you to deliver this and I'm in the process of keeping my promise.  It's just not going to be easy in the slightest.


Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that I'm through with writing after completing A Throne of Souls.  I'm just saying that the complexity level on my next set of novels is going to come down a bit for many reasons.  I'm anxious to start The Unholy Veil with everything I have.  That will be a series of standalone novels similar to, but far better than, The Conjuring.  I think you'll find my writing in that series still highly unconventional and challenging but more within the mainstream as far as genres and complexity goes.


About the map... It's really just designed to illustrate unique visitors from all over the planet.  I'm not interested in tracking or stalking users and you can rest assured we're not doing that on this site.  See the privacy policy page for more information.  However, I thought it would be cool for readers and community members see the interest level in A Throne of Souls around the globe in real time.

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