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The Books of A Throne of Souls

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, and Thriller rolled into one with so much more...


Magic and technology have already met on a world far more advanced than our own only to dispense their most dangerous and hardened criminals, for magic has been outlawed.  Their descendants—us, here on Earth, along with the rest of Humanity—are now left to grapple with a Creation undone at the hands of an outlaw mage whose Master Plan affects the seeds of Humanity throughout the known Universe.  This outlaw—this Dark Knight of Magic—must accumulate immeasurable power to thwart the fork of consequences that brought forth the making of A Throne of Souls.  This story, this execution of his Master Plan originating centuries into the past, begins and ends with a triad of pivotal relationships and evolves through his understanding of his own soul.  Within the Master Plan, the dichotomy between hate and hope, across a landscape far beyond epic, is illustrated through vibrant characters developed over two-and-a-half decades. 


What if there was just a bit of truth in most (if not all) legends, mythology, physics, chemistry, and religion about where we came from?  What if the untold story of Creation was right before our eyes but hiding in plain sight, masquerading as something we thought we knew and understood?  Hidden by the nature of its own fragmentation, spread across the universe like tiny individual clues that construct a great mosaic landscape...


This is the untold story of Creation.   Are you passionately curious enough to unravel its multiple, complex threads to find answers that will absolutely floor you in a crystallizing moment?  An epiphany moment where all the dominoes fall leaving you a never-before-witnessed picture, unadulterated by the filter of our own lens of experiences.  Only with the wide-angle lens of an open mind, can we see the great mosaic before us in A Throne of Souls.


This story will stretch the reader with content that covers physics, metaphysics, religion, biology, chemistry, mythology,  technology, engineering, and math.  This all-encompassing view is brought to you wrapped in vivid descriptions with vibrant characters you'll come to both love and hate.  You'll feel the internal struggle with your own emotions as you develop a level of care for characters that have a despicable past, yet who now struggle with the knowledge of the evolution of their own soul.  This is not a story of good versus evil or hate versus hope.  Good and evil are not simple constructs in A Throne of Souls.  They are complex tendencies forged in the fires of our own experiences just as in real life.  I'll take you to the edges of the fantastic, but the story will still feel stunningly real to you as you consume the passion built into every page of A Throne of Souls


A Kingdom Forgotten (Book 1 of A Throne of Souls)

A Kingdom Forgotten - Book 1 (ATOS)

ISBN 978-0-9981177-0-6 iBooks

ISBN 978-0-9981177-1-3 Amazon Kindle

ISBN 978-0-9981177-2-0 Amazon CreateSpace Print

ISBN 978-0-9981177-3-7 All other digital distributions


The first book in the series A Throne of Souls (ATOS) sets the landscape for the multi-world, multi-planular ecosystem in which Damon's Master Plan executes.  The scope, scale, timeline, and veracity of this story cannot be overstated.  It is immense!  It is far beyond Epic!  It is groundbreaking and unconventional in every way.  


Normally a novel is written from one perspective (Protagonist or omniscient narrative as an example).  This story is written from multiple perspectives of key characters, sometimes in the same scene.


Normally a novel is written with one overriding style and in only one genre.  This novel, and this series, is written in a flex-style that changes appropriate to the genre being leveraged in that scene.  It is not possible to tell this story, with this scale, scope, and timeline in only one genre.  You'll see why as you read.


Bottom line, you have never read anything remotely like this before, because this highly unique and entertaining story has never been told before.  

Black Mirrors of the Soul (Book 2 of A Throne of Souls)

Black Mirrors of the Soul - Book 2 (ATOS)

ISBN 978-0-9981177-4-4 iBooks

ISBN 978-0-9981177-5-1 Amazon Kindle

ISBN 978-0-9981177-6-8 Amazon CreateSpace Print

ISBN 978-0-9981177-7-5 All other digital distributions


Black Mirrors of the Soul is the second installment in the series A Throne of Souls, but is unique within its own series because this is the one book in the series that is all about The Cauldron of Hate that forged Damon and the hate he carries with him.  Despite it being volume 2, this is the story of how it all began.  This is where you’ll read, see, and feel the fuel for the fork—as in the Fork of Consequences.  This is the gut-wrenching emotional journey that will have you screaming, crying, and cheering for more.


With over $5,000 USD in artwork in this book alone, you can expect to see my vision coming to life in your hands as you read this bold, inimitable thriller.


There has never been an anti-hero character like Damon until now, and I am going to test your love for this character in chapters like Banished, and A Seminal Moment.  Whether you love or hate Damon at the end of BMOS, you'll never forget him!  And, you'll never forget Black Mirrors of the Soul!  BMOS is now available on all major channels.


And, make sure you have a fresh box of Kleenex by your side before you start reading this book.  To quote my Proofreader, "I'm still picking up the pieces of my emotions you just scattered all over the room."


The Fall of Hate (Book 3 of A Throne of Souls)

The Fall of Hate - Book 3 (ATOS)

ISBN 978-0-9981177-8-2 iBooks

ISBN 978-0-9981177-9-9 Amazon Kindle

ISBN 978-1-7324798-0-7Amazon CreateSpace Print


This third installment of A Throne of SoulsThe Fall of Hate, vividly illustrates love, lust, anguish, abandonment, enlightenment, adoration, development, deceit, guile, exquisite patience, and prophecy turned on its head.  Hard science, mythology, religion, paganism, and the art of magic collide in this daunting clash for Humanity.  All the deepest and darkest threads of A Throne of Souls come together in this third book to show you—for the very first time—the breadth and depth of the mosaic landscape that is this story of stories—this engagingly unique tale of Creation.  And, as done throughout A Throne of Souls, the dichotomy between Hate and Hope is explored in lifelike ways where good and evil are not simple constructs or boundaries for characters—both beloved and hated—who leap off the page to guide you to places your heart will want to go but your mind will fear to tread.  Profound questions will be postulated to you, the reader.  Questions that may trouble your belief system and all things you thought you knew with certainty.  But, the things we know for certain to be true are often the things most dangerously impeding our ability to see what is truly in front of us.  Dare to ask these questions and continue reading this thought-provoking series certain to boldly defy norms and status quo.


The Fall of Hate is now generally available.


The Rise of Hope - Book 4 (ATOS)

ISBN 978-1-7324798-2-1 iBooks

ISBN 978-1-7324798-3-8 Amazon Kindle

ISBN 978-1-7324798-4-5 Amazon Print


A massive red-pill truth wrapped inside a fictional, elegant, sci-fi love story. One that perfectly explains both the peripheral and foundational secrets that buttress the chaos of 2020/2021.  Imagine if the most outrageous fiction we were ever told was in our history books and throughout most religions and other arbiters of so-called truth… Based on hundreds of man-hours of research across all major subject domains, “The Rise of Hope” shatters the propaganda (normal) reality of a shadow government and of societies most secret and most wicked.  The wizard is exposed for the charlatan of the veil cast upon us all, whilst allies (both ancient and new) move to strike at the heart of the control systems that subjugate us all… This is the story—the truth—“they” don’t want you to know.  It is an emotional, visceral, and immersive journey to dangerous truths and wicked malice of forethought to show you the power and Hope of Love and Light.  Prepare yourself to be rocked!


The Rise of Hope is now generally available.



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The Veil of White - Book 5 (ATOS)



I have started writing The Veil of White (The Final Book in A Throne of Souls)...  I'm not going to say much about this book except that it will shatter all of your preconceived notions and make you want to reread A Kingdom Forgotten all over again to see all the missed clues that were provided at the outset of this journey.  This is the book (if the first four didn't do it already) that will test your belief system to its very limits as the research required to write it (and The Rise of Hope) has tested mine.

A little more information on what has already been committed to paper thus far... As most writers will do, I created the framework of the overall story, by writing the beginning and ending of each book.  Given that this is a 5+1-world story of Man and Creation itself, there was already a ton of cross-genre content to cover without adding the complexities of foundational elements of physics and the nature of our shared reality.  I'm speaking of things like the pseudo-Riemannian manifold (M) in Einstein's General Relativity and other foundational elements (like spinners) that go deeper than that.  So, with all these elements plus the asynchronous storylines and all the time jumping and all the hundreds of characters, this has been a monster for me to contend with and I've said this before, but I won't attempt anything like this series ever again... Having said all that, I am now detailing the 40+ milestone events that flush out all the minor and mid-level details in between the major milestones already committed on paper.  It's a process and if you've ever tried to write a serious, full-length novel before, you know what I'm talking about.  But, I am committed to finishing this for you, for me, and for the living spirit of Robert Jordan.


I will be dedicating The Veil of White to you.  With all my hopes and dreams for you... Charles


Anticipated 2022.



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