Right now, for a limited time, A Kingdom Forgotten is available for e-Book download for free from iTunes.  I haven't decided when I'm going to end this promotion, but it will end soon for sure especially now that there are over 1,300 verified people reading A Kingdom Forgotten, not including physical and digital shares.


Occasionally, I will do an Amazon.com giveaway of A Kingdom Forgotten and I usually do this 50 units at a time.  However, I generally don't announce when these giveaways will take place and normally there are well over 100 entrants in a few minutes time of launching the promotion.  The last time I did this there were more than 500 entrants before the giveaway expired.


However, I have kept the retail price at $2.99 USD for a long time.  That's a very small cost to read a series with $7,500 just in artwork alone.  When you include costs for editing, marketing, proofreading, beta reading, fonts, tools, software, hardware and the like you're looking at a spend of well over $20,000 USD just for the first two books.  So, I'm not doing this to get rich.  I'm doing it this way because doing it right is the only way I know how to do things.  So, it's a heck of a deal even at $2.99 each for digital download.  Amazon controls pricing on the print books and I've kept it at the lowest possible price-point they will allow.  Sorry, I wish I had more control over that, but I don't.

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