The Rise of Hope - Book 4 (ATOS)


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The Rise of Hope is now in the final stages of proofreading and cover creation.  Here's a working product description you'll see on Amazon and iTunes when it is released:

A massive red-pill truth wrapped inside a fictional, elegant, sci-fi love story. One that perfectly explains the peripheral foundational secrets that buttress the chaos of 2020.  Imagine if the most outrageous fiction we were ever told was in our history books and throughout most religions and other arbiters of so-called truth… Based on hundreds of man-hours of research across all major subject domains, “The Rise of Hope” shatters the propaganda (normal) reality of a shadow government and of societies most secret and most wicked.  The wizard is exposed for the charlatan of the veil cast upon us all, whilst allies (both ancient and new) move to strike at the heart of the control systems that subjugate us all… This is the story—the truth—“they” don’t want you to know.  Prepare yourself to be rocked!

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