The Rise of Hope - Book 4 (ATOS)


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As of 6/1/2020, I have finished my first draft of the manuscript for The Rise of Hope and it will now move into the editing, artwork, and marketing phases simultaneously.  What I can tell you, now that the book is finished, is that there are more than 50 research references of credible, scientific discoveries that fuel the Creation mythology threads, so it is deeply steeped in a bedrock of science and the nature of our shared reality.  It posits profound, consequential, thought-provoking ideas and concepts that will shake you to your core and likely; will shatter the belief systems of many who dare to consume this dangerous content.

I just used two very calculated words (dangerous content) for a reason... Some may come after me for daring to even speak of these things, even in a fictional forum such as this series.  Know that the Love and Light of the Creator is with me as I do this and I don't take that lightly.  Neither should those who would/could come against me.  I seek out and declare protection for all who consume this content as much as I would for myself and my family.  Be well in these times and do not fear being safe, for in your wellness will you find the shores and bedrock of your safety.

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