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More violent and hateful. More intense and hopeful. The Fall of Hate will immediately test you in

I'm going to provide big answers to big questions straight away early in The Fall of Hate and just before you start thinking, 'he's giving away the farm' you'll realize 'wait, what's going on here?' As bigger and more profound questions start to enter your thoughts in betwixt a violent and torrid intensity not seen before even in A Throne of Souls volumes 1 and 2. Violent and torrid..., I used those two words specifically for a reason. You'll see why early and often in volume 3 of A Throne of Souls...

I've never been shy about taking traditional ways of doing things in literature and burning them to the ground. This installation takes that sentiment to a whole new level of anti-status-quo. If you want something radically different that just might change the way you think about the world around you, this is the story for you. Again, I'll keep my belief system and my philosophies out of this. I don't want to contaminate this inimitable story with my belief system. I think it turns out better that way.

I've got some special insight into Banthis, Talemar, and Elise coming for you that I'll be writing next. Keep your eye on the ball and remember how much I love to use disinformation. Stay tuned...

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