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I'm still alive!

Okay, so I suck at being active in my blog but you try juggling a beyond-full-time job with a new baby and trying to write more than one full-length novel a year! :) That's the only emoji you'll see from me in my blogs—ever! Well, maybe...

My point being, four months went by in the blink of an eye and I hadn't posted squat on my blog. They say life is about priorities and I'm doing what I can when I can. Maybe someday, I'll have more time, but for now I wanted to let the readers of "A Throne of Souls" know that I was thinking about them and thankful for them.

As such, here's the last illustration that was put into "The Fall of Hate." It's a beautiful illustration of Banthis and Damon. You might think Mira is missing from this illustration but you'd be wrong. How so? Read "The Fall of Hate" and find out!

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