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A Kingdom Forgotten Reimagined & Re-Released.

A few days ago the two competitive variants of the newly reimagined covers for A Kingdom Forgotten were completed. The poll is still running and it looks like variant 1 is winning thus far. I'd be proud to offer either of these variants to be the new cover of this book 21-years-in-the-making. But, I'm going a few steps further, giving it yet another line-by-line edit and replacing all of the interior iconography to match it to book 3 (The Fall of Hate). I'll do those same steps for Black Mirrors of the Soul, though the reviews haven't indicated a further need for additional editing on BMOS.

A Kingdom Forgotten has gone through three professional copy edits, four beta readers, and one professional proofread. So, it's not as if it was lacking in editing, but going through it again I see a few things here and there that could have delivered the same content in a better and more elegant way or in a more crystallizing and vivid way. It was my first book and as first books go, I'm very proud of it, but there are no perfect books. Even though AKF has earned tremendous praise, I wanted to give it the fine-brush approach of the experience from someone with multiple books under his belt now. A Kingdom Forgotten deserves that as much as it deserves this awesome cover makeover.

For those of you who purchased/downloaded your digital copy of A Kingdom Forgotten on Amazon, you can call and go to the digital content/kindle sub-menu, then ask to have the new content pushed to you. With B&N and iTunes, you should be able to simply delete the book, and re-download. Then you should have all the new interior and exterior artwork along with any new text content. I'm not altering the story in any way; I wouldn't ever do that. A Kingdom Forgotten is a very important blueprint to the entirety of the story, but in making this scene and that just a tad more clear and a tad more vivid, it has brought the story more to life and more emotive--more akin to Black Mirrors of the Soul and more comparable to it too.

Black Mirrors of the Soul set new standards for me: in phraseology, in vocabulary, in style, and in artwork. Every book that comes after Black Mirrors of the Soul has to meet that standard and so did the one that came before it. So, just prior to 8/31/17, I'll give you the new A Kingdom Forgotten that meets or exceeds these standards.

This is variant 1 of the reimagined A Kingdom Forgotten...

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