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The Rise of Hope, The Veil of White, and Screenplay Adaptation

Okay, so I haven't posted on the blog since February 2020. There's no excuse for that other than I have a day job and a young child. Let's start with the fact that The Rise of Hope was published on Christmas Day 2020, and is a phenomenal outcome of my hard work with over 350 man-hours of research behind it.  The Terran-centered novel had to deliver on historical accuracy as well as expose the Deep State operations at play during the writing of the novel and beyond, as well as show how those operations dovetail into the larger story threads already established in A Throne of Souls volumes 1-3.  So, that was a huge accomplishment of over 256,000 words, and you're going to get your money's worth with The Rise of Hope, but it's going to take you a good, long time to go through it, because it's at least as dense in science, technology, and the Human Origin story as any of the other novels, if not more so.

As I write this today, I'm deep into The Veil of White, which should have been published back in December 2023, but COVID caused a massive disruption in my life as it did many others.  Mine probably in a different way than most.  You see...I was asleep (in the grip of the Matrix so to speak) and COVID woke me up in a very big way.  Since then I have been preparing for what I know is to come, and if you don't know what I mean, just read The Rise of Hope because most of that is in there.  Remember, this is a fusion between fiction and nonfiction....

So anyway, that disruption cost tens of thousands of dollars and years of my time, but I've reached a point where I think we're as prepared as we can be and so I have resumed writing, and it's been difficult at times.  I have never gone so long without good productive writing before so I had to conquer that and I have.  In the past, anytime I would sit down to write, it would just shoot out of my hands with little to no effort.  The Veil of White hasn't been that way, but I won't allow anything less than my best work to escape my grasp, especially when we're at the conclusion of the story.

This post is just a reassurance to remind everyone I am totally committed to finishing this story and making it everything I have promised and more in the end.  And it will be....

I still have those flashes of brilliance where I lean back in the chair with a smile on my face or tears in my eyes because I know what I just wrote was awesome, especially for those who follow the story closely and take notes, as well as those who have fallen in love with the characters, which are my best work of all.  Those moments are coming to me more and more frequently as I lean back into this final lap of A Throne of Souls.  Bear with me, we're almost at the end....

I don't know how much longer this will take to finish The Veil of White and I don't want to give a time commitment, because I'm giving you my quality commitment instead.  It won't be years longer, but it will certainly be months longer.  Typically, once I finish the manuscript's first draft, it takes about 6-9 weeks after that to finish the editing and proofreading process.  Once those stages have been thoroughly completed, it takes me about 2-4 days to publish, assuming the artwork was finished in parallel somewhere between the end of the first draft and the end of the editing and proofreading.  I feel like I'm at least ten months or more away from a finished first draft, but that could be done sooner or later than estimated, so again, I'm not worried about time here.  I'm much more focused on quality.  This is the epic conclusion of a story so big it MUST be told on the big screen, sooner or later.  And, yes I'm working on the screenplay adaptation too....

First thing's first, let's finish The Veil of White.  Then we'll see where it goes from there.  As I get deeper into The Veil of White I'll start publishing some teasers about what you can expect: my favorite chapters, my favorite plot twists or the thread conclusions I'm most looking forward to your consumption.  A five-novel series is unique in and of itself, but this five-book series I promise will blow your mind in the end, and I'd never make a promise I didn't fully intend to keep.  That's all for now.

God bless.

Stay safe.

Be cautious of anything you see, read, or hear in the corporate media.

And to borrow a line from The X-Files, "Trust No One."


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