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The Fall of Hate is here!

"The Fall of Hate" is now generally available and just in time for Memorial Day here in the US!

You'll notice that the cover was recently revised by Anthony DiPaolo and what a great job he did blending the work of several different artists and making it look both more realistic and more cohesive. It's a beautiful scene (especially in the text) depicting a pivotal moment in the series. I think when you read it, you'll come away deeply, emotionally impacted.

"The Fall of Hate" isn't my most emotional work, even though there are many scenes that will make a wreck out of your emotions. It is, however, the most satisfying novel I've ever written in the way it shows angle upon angle of scenes you only thought you knew—in the way it ties together seemingly-untethered storylines from "A Kingdom Forgotten" and "Black Mirrors of the Soul." So much of the story is about to come into crystal, sharp focus for you right before I show you the next level of mysteries that will take you even deeper. Deeper into what you might ask? That's a great question. How about deeper into what you 'think' is reality—what you've always been told 'is' reality—what you've been misled to believe. Don't get me wrong, I'm not preaching nor pontificating. I'm just showing you the same light you've always looked at but through a different lens/prism and doing so through the affectation of beautifully-developed characters and a highly intricate story. This novel is where the rubber meets the road. If you loved what you read before but felt a little lost, this novel is for you. If you are tired of reading one novel after another that placates to readers as if they are only capable of reading at a fifth-grade level, this novel is for you. If you're ready to read something that absolutely will not confirm your existing biases, this novel is for you! If you're ready to read something that will make you question EVERYTHING, this story is for you!

I give you, "The Fall of Hate!"

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