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More stream-of-consciousness thinking on Damon and Black Mirrors of the Soul...

Tomorrow (8/31/17), Black Mirrors of the Soul (that earned another perfect score from will become the Book of the Day. I began thinking about all the people currently reading the series and those yet to come and specifically I was thinking about a reader who told me that I had broken her heart with this book. She was literally in tears. Honestly, during several parts of this book, so was I. It made me laugh and chuckle and smile and yes it made me cry. This book is an emotional journey through possibilities you have never considered. It will be eye-opening, shocking, revolting, painful, and endearing. It will be a beautifully dark and twisted adventure that unveils so much of the human spirit, I think you'll be shocked when you read it.

I remember when I read A Memory of Light (the final book of The Wheel of Time) and I was furious when I read the part where Egwene died. I had to stop reading I was crying so hard. It was so emotional for me, I couldn't continue until the next day. This was a character for which I was incredibly emotionally invested and it hurt. Black Mirrors of the Soul has that potential. I think it's vitally important that we understand Damon's suffering to make sense of his actions. This is not an evil man. Neither is he a good man. He's a man shaped by events beyond his control, trying desperately to gain a measure of control so that the manifestation of the consequences of his actions don't fully destroy him in the hear and now or what may lie beyond. He's trying to recapture what and who he might have been but for his circumstances. Therein lies the complexity of this character once you see and feel and experience what he experienced. Damon's certainly not the only complex character for which I deliver more backstory in Black Mirrors of the Soul. He's just the primary.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to start reading A Throne of Souls. I remember when I started reading The Wheel of Time and how it literally changed my life. I have made it my mission to make this series to that standard of quality, exceptionalism, and effort. I think you'll agree if you start reading it. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing about this series that should remind you of The Wheel of Time. That's an exceptional story on its own and so is A Throne of Souls. About the only thing they share in common is iconography at the beginning of each chapter. Other than that, A Throne of Souls is about as unique as you can get.

Just remember, and I'll try to keep reminding everyone on every post I can...THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN STORY. Neither is it an occult or pagan story. Read this with an open mind and cast off the lens of your upbringing as you're reading it. I put disinformation in all the places I would expect your confirmation biases or the lens of your upbringing to sound off, 'Ah, this story is ____.' No, it's not. Keep reading and you'll see what it really is. THIS IS NOT ABOUT GOOD vs EVIL! I can't say it loud enough or hard enough or strong enough. Keep reading and you'll see what it really is. Look beyond the veil. Look beyond the disinformation. Keep an open mind. This is designed to be a thought-provoking experience, not just another novel or just another series. There are literally tens of thousands of those so I didn't need to write another one in that category and I didn't.

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