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So tell me about the crossover...

Another question I get asked frequently is, why the crossover and why so many genres in play? Well, as fantastic of a story as I was telling, what with magic and all, I still wanted a level of realism not typically seen in Paranormal, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy works. Think about it like layering artistic layers in Photoshop... I wanted to start with our base level of the reality of the world around us—the one we see and live every day.

Next we layer the compelling events from Damon, causing him to step into our every-day lives in our every-day world. This drives some level of connectivity between the layers that follow and the layers that precede. This is the glue of the storyline.

Next I wanted to add layers of compelling events of intricately-developed characters that more drove the events around them rather than the events driving their behaviors. So think of that layer as the military fiction layers of Michael Anthony Day and Michelle Alexandra Blade, adding a level of action/adventure to the story asymmetrical to Damon's Master Plan—or at least asymmetrical in appearance. But, the layers of Michelle and Michael are far more than just military action. You have to read the story to see, but you'll see what I mean. There is layer upon layer upon layer just in those two characters alone. I should know, I've been developing both of them for some twenty-five years. And, as you read, you'll see how intensely fundamental I view character development.

Now we layer in the Seeds of Humanity storyline and all the Sci-Fi that goes with it. I hint at this in the glossary where I describe (very briefly) Setinon. I thought about not including that in the glossary in book 1, but decided to go ahead with it, because of what I introduce in the Prologue of book 1 with Alexelio, and in the prologue of book 2 where I expand on this idea that 'we' are the descendants of banished hardened criminals of Setinon. Damon, Michelle, you, me, all of us. So what exactly is Setinon? Well, you're going to have to read book 2 and book 3 to find the answer to that question, but suffice it to say the Sci-Fi element will be at full-strength when I get to that part of the story.

So why the crossover element to the story at all? Well, the story mandated it. I can't tell a sweeping epic like this that affects all the Seeds of Humanity throughout the known universe and have every world be on an agricultural of society. Would that have made sense? No, of course not. If it's going to impact multiple worlds, then it's going to affect multiple levels of technology and development. That's exactly what you'll see in the five worlds of this story that makeup the Seeds of Humanity. Why did the story mandate the crossover? Well, look at the impact of Damon's Damnation. Really look at it... If there was an ability to take a soul fated for one destiny and re-direct it to another of a mortal's choosing, would that mortal not become the scourge of those most powerful forces known who want, more than anything, to keep what they have in place and intact? And, upon gaining the unwanted attention of said forces, would that be more likely to impact one world or multiple worlds? Well, it really depends on the characters and their determination to fight back. Their power, influence, and will would have a great impact on whether that problem remained contained or spiraled out of control. When I started asking those questions internally, and posing Damon as the source character driving this problem, there was only one possible outcome. Damon is a VERY determined, immeasurably powerful, and insanely dedicated man. When he sets his mind to something, whatever it is, it's done. Thus, we have a multi-world scenario playing out before us. Thus we have the first real crossover of an epic fantasy gone awry, hemorrhaging their magic and their reality into ours. It's a fascinating story told in a style that flexes with the genre elements most dominant in that moment of that scene of that part of the story. I've personally never heard of anything like this ever being told before. If you have seen any example of this in literature, please send it to me, because I'd love to read it.

I hope that answers the question robustly. I'm always willing to entertain feedback.

All artwork included is covered under US Copyright Laws. All rights are reserved.

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