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A Kingdom Forgotten Leaves the Nest...

So, A Kingdom Forgotten has finally reached escape velocity—enough so to finally leave my desk after 21 years in development. Now granted, the vast majority of that time was spent developing the entire story that makes up the series, not just book 1 itself. Still, that's a long time to give birth to your child! Book 2 is already well on its way to being complete and handed off to my editor, and the artwork is significantly further down the road than the artwork for AKF was at a similar point in production. Why am I telling the general public this information...? Mainly because I don't want them to turn away from the series thinking I'm going to leave them hanging with one book out there out of at least five. I wouldn't do that to you and I wouldn't do that to myself. I'm in this to win it. I'm in this to complete it—for you and for me!

I do hope you'll give this a shot, and see what real effort looks like in a self-published novel. Not to bash what's out there, because there's a ton of great stuff out there that only took 400 man hours to produce. In comparison mine took greater than 4000 man hours, but I'm telling you this, because I want to demonstrate my level of commitment to excellence. Go read it for yourself and tell me if you can't tell the difference between a 4000-man hour manuscript and a 400-man hour manuscript. I bet at the end of the day, you certainly will be able to tell the difference, and you'll want more! I promise to be there to give you more!

Here's my goodreads posting/review. I've been working on marketing gradually and steadily for two months solid, but now I'm going to finish strong with the marketing and critic's reviews and get some volume going through this funnel to see what comes out the other side.

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