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Darker, More Intense, More Twisted, More Deceptive, and Deeper into the Chaos of A Throne of Souls..

As I sit here jamming out to some pretty sick, twisted, and evil metal music, I find it both disturbing and inspiring to write about Black Mirrors of the Soul (Book 2 of A Throne of Souls). I know my wife doesn't care for when I listen to stuff like this or research demons and such on the Internet in preparation for writing something like A Throne of Souls, but it's all part of the gig.

I've struggled with how to convey what this book is all about to the general public. There's just so much to it—it's hard to know where to start. First, Black Mirrors of the Soul pre-dates the concept for A Throne of Souls by about four years—so it's a quarter-century old from idea to delivery. Black Mirrors of the Soul was always supposed to be about what made Damon Damon in the first place, and we're going to go very deep down that path. However, there's so much character development all over the place; you're going to see multiple decades' worth of development in several characters including Talemar, Radin, Michelle, Michael, Evanyil, Banthis, and so many others. That intense character development is going to be featured and evident in almost every chapter you read. From one chapter to the next you're going to feel the pace accelerate rapidly whipping you into a frenzy toward the end—which I can only describe as WOW! We're going to jump right into the meat of the story and Damon's Master Plan, and I'm going to answer at least as many questions as I raise for you to ponder, but the story IS going to get more complex from here. Don't say I didn't warn you...

While I may broadcast certain storylines, and hold other plot twists close to the vest, you can count on disinformation to be lodged everywhere throughout the series—especially in Black Mirrors of the Soul. It will be up to you to pay attention to the clues provided and to figure out for yourself, what is disinformation and what is truth.

I truly believe, and I'm writing based on the idea that, for one to truly appreciate the light, they must first be bathed in darkness. Black Mirrors of the Soul is the beginning of a very dark and twisted path. Hope is coming... I'll bring you some in The Fall of Hate (book 3), and more in The Rise of Hope (book 4).

If intense character development, plot twists, and incredibly emotive writing are your thing, you need to be reading A Throne of Souls! When there are not the words to describe series in your own thoughts, I want you to be able to anchor yourself in the richly developed characters I've provided and know they'll help you find your way.

I'll leave you with a DRAFT of the Cover for Black Mirrors of the Soul (Book 2 of A Throne of Souls).

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