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Sex in A Throne of Souls...

A very important element to me, about all of my writing, is an element of realism... In other words, it doesn't matter how fantastical a scene is, or how improbable what I'm describing is, so long as it has such a level of realism to it as to drag the reader into the possibilities, attributes, and characters I'm describing. One example of this can be found in the 'raciness'—I guess I'll call it that for now—of my writing. Yes, there is sex in my books, because there is sex in our real world and I don't necessarily shy away from it. In 155,100 words in book 1, there are three sex scenes. Now, I'm not graphic about it and I'm not writing 50 shades of 'whatever' either, so the integrity of my storyline is paramount to me as I'm writing, but sex is a real part of our real world and I can't have you suspend belief without a little of our real world to take with you on this journey.

To say that I'm cautious about how much I 'expose' in these scenes is an understatement, and if you're wanting literary porn you should probably find someone and something else to read. However, when I go there, there's no mistaking it for anything other than what it is, and it is some flat-out 'racy' stuff so you better hang on. ;)

One of the scenes I'm describing in book 1 (A Kingdom Forgotten) involves Radin, illustrated below...


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