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Black Mirrors of the Soul—a story 26 years in the making—is now available on all major channels.

In thinking back some 26 years to the inception of the title for this incredibly intense book about Damon, I am profoundly humbled at the journey this story has taken (from my dining room table in Norman, OK) to find its way to you and to us. It is no longer the story I once envisioned with John Howarth so very long ago. It has scaled so far beyond those trivial thoughts and ideas into this sprawling, all-encompassing story I can barely grasp myself. Merging A Throne of Souls with the back-story of Damon was the biggest challenge of my adult life and looking back on that journey leaves me both relieved and anxious. Relieved that it is done, but anxious for you to experience it. Notice I didn't say for you to read it. I doubt readers will be able to merely 'read' this story. I think it's going to touch you in ways you hadn't expected. Don't be afraid to feel the emotions I brought to your feet in this story. It's meant to stir your soul. It's intended to make you think. It's designed to make you ask thought-provoking questions you may never before have considered. I give to you this gut-wrenching, emotional thriller, Black Mirrors of the Soul.

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