So, I'm currently interviewing candidates to completely redesign and rebuild from the ground up. I'm only hiring candidates from North America because I don't want to deal with offshoring issues, but if you know someone that is interested and has a strong portfolio, I'm looking at candidates right now.

If you look at the artwork on, you can see the kind of brand image I'm in the process of building so I want the overall look and feel to complement that new and developing brand image. We need to be thinking about the untold story of Creation as we're building this future-state platform. It should have sci-fi elements, fantasy elements, military elements, and it should have an edge to it.

It needs to have clean, modern lines with great color movement and dynamics with a modern reference architecture that is specifically designed for smartphones first, desktop second, tablets third.

If you know someone that is interested, have them contact me. I'd be happy to give some specific examples of elements I want and reference architectures that are the most impressive to me. But, I want 'WOW!' When people come to see, I want them to walk away as impressed with the website as they are the content of the books and so far they're pretty impressed with the content in the novels.

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