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A Kingdom Forgotten is knocking on the door of 100 units downloaded in a single day...

I always knew the potential of A Throne of Souls, but I also always knew that because of the complexity of A Kingdom Forgotten (the entry book to the series) as well as the radically different storytelling methodology made just for this story, that it was entirely possible it would be just too heavy of a lift no matter how much marketing I threw behind it, to get to the readership I had hoped to see. That it was perhaps just too much to hope for and that I should start looking at it as an exposure series rather than a foundational series. However, something has happened just in the last 48 hours I'm having a hard time explaining. I'm seeing just exponential grown in downloads and sales—maybe not on every channel, but across them all as an aggregate, I'm seeing it. Maybe it's word of mouth. Maybe it's the new website and SEO. Maybe it's the new reviews. Likely it's some combination of many elements, all of which are trending in the right direction towards more traction globally.

First, I wanted to say, "WOW." Second, I wanted to say, "THANK YOU."

I should have a new artwork update for The Fall of Hate (Book 3 of A Throne of Souls) in just a few more days. In that artwork update, I hope to have the next iteration of the cover, the map to Graelon, and a new sci-fi element icon.

I've spent a ton of time on the website, making over 500+ changes to the website and I'm hoping that has something to do with the exponential growth I'm seeing... If you're like me, you like to have root-cause explanations for things happening (both good and bad). I don't like things I can't explain. Or rather, I should say my first instinct is to fear what I can't explain, but my second instinct is to investigate it and push past that fear. Either way, I'm still grateful for the number of people taking an interest enough to invest their incredibly valuable time reading this amazingly unique story.

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